"Content is where I expect much of the real money will be
made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting."
- Bill Gates, 1996


Our expertise as a content creator extends to all media, but we started with the written word. If you want people to read your website, be engaged by your sales kit or business plan, let mrcontent create the words that make your brand sing.

social media management

Engagement is key, but time consuming. Let mrcontent take away the pain of daily posting, creating stunning gridview designs for your Instagram, compelling captions and well researched hashtags that leave you free to concentrate on your business.

email newsletters

Let mrcontent create attractive email newsletters and tactical promotions to promote your brand, coupled with engaging, focused content that gets a precise and compelling message to your database – or ours.

content creation

Words, Video, Still Images, Design, Web Support and Mobile Apps... mrcontent offers expertise in each area of digital content creation, through an experienced team of content professionals. Reach out and say hi today!

kontent is king. the difference is in the detail.
Nigel Simmonds

Nigel has more than 30 years experience as a writer and content creator with a 16 year old daughter who has taught him more than he cares to admit about social media marketing and digital mastery. Nigel is ... mrcontent.

Creative Director
Stuart Sullivan

Stuart Sullivan, designer at mrcontent. "People often ask me what is ‘good’ design and what is 'bad'. All you need to know is I've been doing this for 30 years and I can tell the difference. So can your customers."

Richard Simmonds

Being mobile-first is not just a plan for the future, it's the here and now. With two-thirds of internet content now being consumed on smaller screens, Richard is ready to help you gain traction by thinking small.

Head of Posting, Hashtags and Tagging
Marina Van Mayer

Cycling through content is Marina’s stock in trade. "I’m always on it. And if I'm not then I'm either on the beach, on my yoga mat or on my bike."

Head of Traffic, Production and Client Management
Jehan Khaleda

“I’m on your side,” says Jehan. “These creative people are all barking mad.” Jehan manages our client relationships.

Head of Motion Graphics
Armand Pranoto

The formidable digital artist Armand makes things move online - literally. He can animate the unimaginable. Which is why people take notice.

Head of Photography
Ryerson Anselmo

Ryerson shoots. And they are never turkeys. He’s the photographer du jour of Bali’s fashion and lifestyle images. He specializes in birds without feathers, usually on a beach in natural light.

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